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Specialists in distributing LPG and LPG products to businesses across Southern Africa.

About us

EBA specializes in the distribution and supply of LPG and LPG Products throughout Southern Africa. Our aim is to be an independent provider of clean energy products, we supply many well known retail stores across Africa and have a strong footprint in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Our strategy is to take the alternate power of gas to the people who most need it and make it convenient and easily accessible to all.


CADAC is Africa's premium brand and has been South Africa's leading LPG product manufacturer for more than 66 years. CADAC is a global brand and has a reputation for design, innovation and quality, EBA is the licensed distributor for CADAC in Zimbabwe and Zambia.


EBA has bulk storage facilities for LPG Gas and has a strong network of LPG refilling stations that bring LPG to the people who need it most. EBA partners with independent and local entrepreneurs in projects and is always looking to promote people to improve themselves and start their own businesses in a growing industry that has become a necessity in Africa.

Our Vision

The company Vision is to partner with as many people as possible to promote and encourage the responsible use of LPG Gas to protect our natural resources and bring cheaper, cleaner energy to the people who really need it.


We collaborate with our customers to ensure we can meet their demands. We have completed several successful projects that bring LPG gas closer the the end user who needs it most, creating small refilling stations in rural areas and at approved retail stores.


As the appointed distributors of Cadac we offer a large range of Cadac products, we hold stocks locally so no delays in delivery. Click and check out the products.  

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